The THMM CERT Program became organized in the fall of 2012.  Because the FEMA CERT Programs goal is to do the greatest good for the greatest amount of people, THMM CERT members took a vote to decide what our team could do to stay involved, active, and of service.  We made some decision on how we could best affect the greatest good in our community. 

The group decided our primary goal would be to educate the public regarding basic  preparedness for many types of emergencies, in addition to proactive safety practices around the home.  Since 2013 our CERT Program has hosted two distinctively different emergency preparation/safety fairs each year.  One is the Family Emergency Preparedness Fair and the other is the Pet Emergency Safety Fair.  Our CERT Program has reached hundreds of individuals and many families and pet owners in our attempt to assist our communities in the event of a disaster. 

During these events our qualified professional instructors discuss safety with hands-on demonstrations regarding: gas and electric safety, pet preparedness, fire preparedness, basic personal and home safety, water and food storage, and much, much more.  Our presenters also answer questions-so bring all your questions. THMM CERT distributes informational material with instructions and hints to assist the public with preparations for their own home and families' (including pets) safety in the event of a natural or man-made, family, local, or citywide emergency.  In addition, a child's table is provided at each of the fairs with supervised coloring, crafts, and games.

It was also decided that THMM CERT would host in-depth, continued CERT training here in our community and work with or assist any other neighborhood CERT program in joint ongoing training and informational classes, many of which are open to the public.  THMM CERT is also focused  on attending and cooperating with other CERT Programs with their goals and events.

Although CERT is a nationwide program and is established under the authority of FEMA, the agency does not fund the program.  Additionally, THMM is located in the unincorporated area between San Pablo, Richmond, and Pinole, CA and our CERT does-not receive any funds from these jurisdictions.  Therefore; we are completely on our own for funding. So we have learned to solicit  some support and raise funds on our own.  Our monies for medical equipment and supplies, and educational materials for the public have been raised at a THMM annual community rummage sale. We participate and in 2016 will host the event.  Our funds are raised through donation jars, rummage sale sales,  and raffles at our annual events.  We sometimes receive donations of medical supplies for our cache and items for sale at the yearly rummage sale.  Both are always welcomed.  We also have some local sponsors for raffle items at events.

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To become a sponsor/member or to donate equipment/medical supplies or money, please contact THMM CERT by email at:  or call Karen at (916) 208-8793.

Our 2015-2016 Team members

2015 Leader


(916) 208-8793


Kathy Roth

Steve Roth

Adilla Araya

Bertha Moeller

Van Moeller

Jim Mallory

Roseanne Mallory

Sandy Szerlip

Patty Szerlip

Joe Szerlip

Claudia Randel

Cheryl Johnson

Eric Sequeira

Michelle Gauthier

Diane Ryan

Carrie Joy

‚ÄčKaren Sogge

Heidi Swillinger

Not all our members are CERT Certified, nor do they live in the Tara Hills Area of Pinole and San Pablo.  Everyone is welcomed.