Training in Fire Suppression

If you haven't taken CERT training yet, please check the CERT class schedules at the following links.  You can search there for classes near you. 

In the San Pablo, Pinole, and Richmond, CA area you can contact a CERT program either at: 

Link to training schedule for San Pablo


Richmond has only English speaking classes as of November 2015.  San Pablo has English and Spanish classes.  Each city has two training sessions per year, one in the spring and one in the fall. Check their websites for more details.

Richmond and San Pablo are the two closest certification groups to the Tara Hills location and you don't have to live in either city to be trained there. 

An important point, in the THMM CERT Program, although it is strongly recommended a individual becomes CERT trained, it is in no way a necessary requirement for you to be a member of our team or be trained in our basic training classes.  We welcome, and help train,  volunteers and interested parties into our team throughout the year. 

Do not allow physical limitations to exclude you from joining.  Everyone on the team can find a valuable job to do such as: organizing, radio communication, filling out the required FEMA forms, giving directions, and holding hands or making someone feel safer/better. 

As we always say; the life you save could be your own, your loved one, or your friend.

Training in radio communications

Training in Triage and First Aid.